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Pro in General
Illustrations & Concept Art, 

Professional status and place of work ?
Full-time freelance artist-author, I'm based in Brittany and work from home anywhere in France, internationally, across the Atlantic...

Contact, communications during projects ?
In English only in writing by email, Discord, social networks etc...
What media do you work in?
Mainly in publishing, such as board games or books. But also for advertising agencies, various companies... 
Wherever my work can be useful.
In the future, I'd also love to work on video game and animation projects.

Are you available ?
Yes, but it's very variable: sometimes I'm available immediately, other times within several months.
So don't hesitate to contact me! 

Do you work on long or short projects ?

Your prices ?
Each project has its own budget. I mainly work on a daily basis with an ADT (Average Daily Rate). So it depends on the time required, the complexity, but also the scope of the project... 

To get the best idea of how much time your project will require, contact me to explain your request! I'll then study each project carefully and provide you with the best possible quote to suit your needs. I also like it when people give me their price, to see how I can best adapt to your project.

Do you have any professional goals in mind ?Yes, always! And with each new goal I reach, I love to find new ones. I recently had the chance to take part in my first dream goal, and now I'd like to take part in animation or video game projects, but also on licenses such as Disney, Magic, Pokémon...
Who knows? Maybe one day... And all this while continuing to work with publishers and nice people, because so far I've loved it and I'd like it to continue. 


What working tools do you use ?Digital illustrations: I mainly use Adobe Photoshop (Mac & Cintiq) and Procreate (Ipad Pro), but also Lightroom if images can be sent without layers.

Traditional Illustrations: On thick 300m/g cotton watercolor paper (to avoid warping), I work the base of the illustrations in watercolor and the details in colored pencil. 
I use extra-fine watercolor and professional colored pencils, which are highly resistant to light and weather.

Detail: Schmincke Horadam, Isaro, Daniel Smith & Qor extra-fine watercolors. Polychromos Faber Castell & Caran d'Aches Luminance colored pencils. 300g/m2 Winsor & Newton, Arches Hot pressed & cold watercolor cotton paper.

For which media ?
For all media requiring illustration, such as board games, books, logos, posters, flyers, video games, animation, etc.

What format & file ?
I supply my images in 600 dpi for a comfortable print size.

In RGB and CMYK color.
How long does it take to make an illustration ?
It all depends on whether it's a cover, an interior illustration, maps, other elements... 
The creation of an image requires graphic research and composition before the sketch and final image are produced, but it also requires feedback and generally modifications. That's between 5 and 50 hours of work! Yes, that's a lot. 
And to give a better idea, my personal illustrations I spend on average between 10 and 20 hours. Sometimes more, sometimes less. 

Do you have an online store ?
Yes, you can find my original illustrations on my SUMUP store (french only). And my illustrations can be found on printing sites such as Redbubble.

Do you work in teams with other illustrators ?
Yes, of course, and this happens regularly on big projects.

Illustrated graphic design

What tools do you use ?
I mainly use Adobe Photoshop and the Affinity suite for vector graphics.

Do you make logos ?
Yes, but only illustrative logos, not pure designer logos. 
So text + a coupling with an illustration (of your mascot, objects, landscapes, characters...). 
It's important to know that a logo is a time-consuming job that needs to be relevant to set your business apart. It requires several stages of work, such as research, composition research, back and forth between the two parties, choices, etc... 
It doesn't happen in a few hours, but over several days. So that there are no surprises, be aware that a logo doesn't start under 600€, so if that's ok with you, contact me directly to explain your project ;)

What is vector graphics ?
Vector is a format that can be enlarged or reduced ad infinitum. Without loss of quality. This is very important for logo text, which is often used on posters as well as pens.
What digital formats do you supply ?
Your choice: pdf, jpg, png (to preserve image transparency), tif, eps (for vector graphics) & psd (under certain conditions) ... etc.
In CMYK and RGB.

Do you also supply print files ?
No, but I can advise you on printing and the steps to follow for printing the digital files supplied.

Do you supply a Moodboard ?
Yes, if requested. (This is a board to present the logo, its colors, variations, typeface names, mascot, separate items...)

What are RGB and CMYK ?
RGB (red-green-blue) is the color space for digital images. Either for on-screen display (computer, tablet, telephone, etc.)
CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) is the color space used for printed documents. For all images requiring printing (games, books, flyers, posters, etc.).

Info. blabla

The origin of my graphic influences ?
The magical world of Studio Ghibli at Disney Studios. But mainly, from the world of video games such as Nintendo (Zelda), Square Enix (Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts),
thatgamecompany (Journey), Capcom (Okami), and various J-RPGs (Ni No kuni, Fire Emblem, Tales of...) and this since I was a child!
These universes are fascinating, immersive and true colorful inspirations for many of them...

Artists who inspire you, artists you admire?
When I have a subject I always spend several hours on Pinterest making my inspiration folders of various inspiring illustrations. 
Otherwise I'm administrative of the art of Akihiko Yoshida, Beatrix Potter, Auroreblackcat, Clément Lefèvre, Heikala, Loïsh, Djamila Knopf, Elk64, Jérôme Pélissier, Amélie Fléchais, Alfred Joseph Casson (and similar Canadian Artists), Iraville, Tany, Vanessa Gillings, Poopikat, Rozenn, Amelie Fléchais, Zhanqi, Carine Hinder, Poopikat, Nathan Fowkes, Covelli Guy. .. And a special mention to Magalie Villeneuve (our graphic universes are different) but I admire her enormously, especially for her life story and experiences.
How do you find work ?
At the moment, it's my "clients*" who contact me directly about their projects (they usually discover me via my online sites), and we always manage to find dates near or at the same time. 

And I always say to myself, I'll approach them later... But I rarely have time to canvass by e-mail, because as soon as one project ends, another is usually proposed. (And I hope it stays that way, because until recently, before 2022, this wasn't the case. I really feel it's something that comes with the experience and releases of my games...) 

So, now I take advantage of my travels to festivals to meet new people directly on the spot, mainly for the pleasure of discovering their work and sharing mine too, all while chatting!
*Clients: publishers, art directors, project managers, advertising agencies, etc.
What about communication ? English ? Spelling ?I'm very dyslexic, and until I was 10-11 I considered myself almost illiterate. So French and English are complicated for me. Fortunately, now that I'm working with professionals, I've come across some lovely people who've told me that as long as it's understandable it's okay, that they should contact me for my work, which is illustration and not my text. And when you've been talked down to all your life about spelling, when you're made to look stupid and not want to listen to us. 

Well, that's a relief. So thank you.

Having had to make do with the tools at my disposal for French, I've kept those reflexes with English, even if I still struggle with English. (Despite the tips and lessons I've been given). But today that doesn't stop me from working with English-speaking customers, Americans, etc. Sure, it's not perfect, but it's enough to get the job done and communicate in writing. 
So despite the difficulties, if you really want to, you can. What's more, little by little I'm getting easier. 

I'm also realizing that English speakers on the whole are much more indulgent about our level of English than the French. ❤️

And if I'm really lucky, I'm surrounded by good people who proofread my texts. ❤️
We often hear about "Talent" as soon as we draw something other than stick figures.
And this applies to all the arts in general, so I'd like to make an important point about this, because it really bothers me enormously.
In my case I can't claim X "talent", it's not, it's just work. It's just hours and hours of practice over the years that I've enjoyed developing through the pleasure of drawing (as would a cook, a florist, or any other craftsman in his field...).

And above all, I've been lucky, lucky to have had my health until now, and to have been able to live in peace and quiet, with adorable loved ones who have always supported me. And to have had time to practice all the time (I drew everywhere, in the car despite the mountain roads, in restaurants, in the bath...).

And today I draw every day (from 3 to 8 hours on average every day). But not necessarily every weekend either, although some do... But when I'm not producing, it's because I'm working on something else around this activity (administration, estimates, invoices, e-mails, blah-blah on the Art networks, image studies, etc.).

How can I use my illustrations ?

Personal public use (web icon, signature, etc.) 
It's okay to use my images (except illustrations that also belong to my clients), as long as you credit "Art by Seppyo - www.seppyo.fr". 

Non-public personal use (as PC wallpaper, phones, watches, etc.) 
Totally ok, with pleasure even! But plz don't delete my signature or claim it as your design :)

Use for websites, blogs, social networks, newspapers, etc. 
I'm always happy to see my work on your sites. And there's no need to ask permission beforehand, I'm very grateful to anyone who wants to share my illustrations! Please just post my images with a link to @Seppyo_Art or www.seppyo.fr or whatever.
Tattoo use 
With great pleasure too, but it's important to ask me first, because unfortunately I don't always have permission to use all my images freely, some illustrations belong to my clients and for that I'd have to ask them for permission too. But I'm sure many of them will agree!

Non-profit use 
For any non-profit communication support, event, etc., please contact me beforehand so that I can be kept informed. On the other hand, if I see my images used on a medium where I have not given my consent, even if for some it seems like a "tribute", I would not appreciate it, especially if it does not say "Art by Seppyo - www.seppyo.fr". Apart from that, I always give my consent as long as it's not for a degrading cause.

For-profit use 
For any profit-making communication, event, etc. Please contact me beforehand to discuss the use and permissions of these images. 
Use for Artificial Intelligence 
No, I refuse ALL uses of my work in all sites and software that create images with AI or via code. 

Use for artist references
In contrast, I authorize human artists to use my works as references or learning aids. All I ask is that you link to the image you've used as a reference, or provide appropriate credit by linking to my social media accounts/website.

Do you have any questions ? 

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